Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation

Washington, DC |


Assets: $198,193,325
Total Giving: $8,175,495

The foundation pursues and invests in solutions that build an equitable Greater Washington, DC community in which economically vulnerable people thrive.As articulated in its Advancing Equity strategy, the foundation has four interconnected goals in the areas of housing, education, employment, and asset building. With the help of its community and grantee partners, the foundation has defined four types of systems change efforts in which it seek sto invest within its goal areas. The foundation believes that systems change efforts are most attainable and effective when organizations and collaboratives apply a mix of these strategies based upon what’s most responsive to their constituents. The foundation seeks to invest in these systems change efforts to ensure long-lasting, measurable improvements in housing, education, employment, and asset building for economically disadvantaged people, particularly people of color:Culture Change – Shifting the attitudes, values, beliefs, and aspirations of the Greater Washington region toward racial equity.Institutional Change – Using the best available data, evidence, and models to generate sustainable improvements in ideas and practices that govern institutions and currently have a disproportionate negative impact on people and communities of color.Policy Change & Reform – Influencing policymakers to reform or enact laws to mitigate and eradicate the consequences of systemic racism and promote racial justice and equity.Power Change – Shifting the balance of power so people of color are designing, leading, and ultimately accomplishing change in their own communities..